Friday, August 7, 2009

Mick Karn - Discography


Tribal Dawn
Lost Affections in a Room
Passion in Moisture
Weather the Windmill
Savior, are you with me?
Trust Me
Piper Blue
Sound of Waves

Titles (1987)

First Impression
Language of Ritual
The Three Fates
When Love Walks In
Dreams of Reason

Dreams of Reason Produce Monsters (1987)

Bestial Cluster
Back in the Beginning
Beard in the Letterbox
The Drowning Dream
The Sad Velvet Dream of Summer and Winter
Saday, Maday
Liver and Lungs
Bones of Mud

Bestial Cluster (1993)

Thundergirl Mutation
Plaster the Magic Tongue
Lodge of Skins
Gossip's Cup
Feta Funk
The Tooth Mother
Little-Less Hope
There was not Anything but Nothing

The Tooth Mother (1995)

Little Less Hope
Bestial Cluster [Alternative Edits]
Bandaged by Dreams
Feta Funk
Liver and Lungs [Alternative Mix]
Saday, Maday
House of Home
Drawings We Have Lived [#]
Red Sleep
There Was Not Anything But Nothing

The Collector's Edition (1996)

Up to Nil
The Salmon of Knowledge
Latin Mastock
The Forgotten Puppeteer
My Mrs T
Angel's Got a Lotus
Serves You Rice
The Night we Never Met
Venus Monkey
Left Big

Each Eye a Path (2001)

The Never Forgotten Night... - Remixed by David Torn
Electric Monkey - Remixed by Claudio Chianura
TFP - Remixed by Yoshihiro Hanno
Honk Kong Mastock - Remixed by Paul Wong
Knowledge Suspended - Remixed by Claudio Chianura
Re: Nil - Remixed by Yoshihiro Hanno
Angel's in the Asylum - Remixed by Richard Barbieri
Puppeteer Night - Remixed by David Torn
Big Left - Remixed by Ryuichi Sakamoto

Each Path a Remix (2003)

The Jump
Atyan B-Boot
It's his Birthday This Year
Never Thought
The Show
The End Gag
Wishy-Washy Wishing
Pulsating Puddles
Great Day in the Morning

More Better Different (2004)

Mustard Grapes
Sandcastle (Outline)
Milk the Filthy

Love's Glove (2005)

Of & About
Twitchy Hand Mover
Floating Home
All You Have
I'll be Here Dreaming
Red Film
Chocolate was a Boy
Pitta Pop
Wrong Truth

Three Part Species (2006)


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