Thursday, July 9, 2009

Constants - Discography


For fans of Irepress and Caspian.

In medias res
Entering exeter pt. 1
Entering exeter pt. 2
The perpetual morning subsequent
A blur of trees
Return to inevitability
And the future of beginning

Nostalgia For The Future (2004)

Walking dead in east texas
Robotica and lobotomy
The murder of tom fitzgerril
When stars dilate

The Murder Of Tom Fitzgerril (2006)

Caspian - La Cerva
Constants - ...Passage

Caspian / Constants Split (2008)

Genetics Like Chess Pieces
Those Who Came Before Pt. I
Those Who Came Before Pt. II
The Nameless
The Timeless
Identify The Indiscernibles
Eternal Reoccurrence
Abraxas Pt. I
Abraxas Pt. II

The Foundation, The Machine, The Ascension (2009)


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